Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We have many people come to the hotel, which the catering department wants to wine and dine them for potential business. It is our job as chefs to meet that request from catering to produce many beautiful menus. We recently did one of our many FAM dinners that we have comming down the line.
Sous Vide Ossobucco, Logan's Turnpike Polenta, Deconstructed Gremolata, Parsley Puree

White Bean Tortellini, spring vegetables, roasted vegetable jus

Not shown in picture is the first course, which was Tuna "Nicoise Salad".. tomato fondue, heircot verts, olive soil.

Friday, April 15, 2011

VIP Summer Menu Final

Well after days of ordering and prep, we finally finished the summer tasting menu that we will do for site visits and VIP events. We tweaked and changed a few things from the initial menu but everything came out pretty good. A few things we are going to change once the summer time comes around and more product becomes available. We have many VIP FAM events coming up during the next few weeks, one of which was tonight (i will post the menu and some pics later.)
Tuna Two Ways...summer corn air, red pepper fluid gel, bruniose fava/heirloom tomato, olive-caper vinaigrette, micro anise blossom.

Melon "Minestrone"...Cavallion melon consomme, compressed Cherante melon, compressed watermelon, compressed watermelon radish, cucumber-mint cubes, pickled watermelon radish, lemon verbena oil, micro spearmint.

Grilled Dorade.. Adirondack pink potato, garbanzo beans, white asparagus, crooked neck squash, heirloom carrot, spring garlic powder, and micro tropical spinach.

Pork Two Ways... Braised and pressed shoulder, sous vide and smoked loin, Logan's Turnpike polenta, white peach gastrique, brunoise peach and artichoke, artichoke barigoule, blistered heirloom tomato, peach chip and micro midnight spice.

Over the next few weeks we will be creating our Autumn menu and the same process.... Alot of prep, working with great prducts and showcasing our talents. I will post all the FAM dinner pics over the next few weeks as well.

Monday, April 4, 2011

VIP Summer Menu

Today we did our brainstorming for the summer VIP tasting menu, we all brought our ideas to the table with the executive sous of the hotel. I wanted to make sure that this time I put as much input and come with some great dishes and ideas for this summer menu. Many of my ideas were put on the menu and the first course is my dish that I created. All the ideas that were put on this menu, I feel were great, some tweaking on a few things and we should be a go. Being that it was 87 degrees today in central Florida, we probably should tweak everything soon! Anyway, always fun to come together with other chefs and brainstorm for hours about different ways to twist, play, tweak and manipulate food all for the satisfaction of creating dishes.
Here's the tentative menu, I will post the final menu, the development and pictures when we make them.

Ivory Salmon Crudo... summer corn air, red pepper fluid gel, fava beans, heirloom tomato, olive-caper vinaigrette, black olive dust, and garnished with a caper flower.

Melon "Minestrone"... cavaillo "consomme", Charente melon, cucumber-mint noodle, compressed watermelon radish, lemon verbena oil.

Grilled Rouget... Oca Rosa pink potato silk, garbanzo beans, spring garlic powder, micro tropical spinach

Pork²... braised shoulder, sous vide and smoked loin, Logan's Turnpike polenta, baby purple artichokes barigoule, black cherry "soil", peach gastrique.