Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update of Everything

A update has been long, long overdue, so I apologize now for the delay in writing. We have been extremely busy the past few weeks, with New Years and the beginning of the year changes. I am also trying to plan my wedding which is comming up soon. We hired a sous chef that myself and the Executive Chef have been training during the past two and a half weeks. I am also working on applying to take the introductory sommelier class and test which the hotel offers. We also have a buyout tomorrow for 200ppl, 3 stations, passed apps and other special dishes that we have created. One of them being confit duck legs with a nitro risotto cracker and braised mushrooms. It should be a fun event, buyouts usually are a lot of work but a great way for us to showcase some of our talents outside the normal restaurant parameters.

This was the cure we put on the duck legs which was salt, sugar, star anise, toasted fennel seed and Chinese five spice.

Recently I had the opportunity to represent the restaurant at a local food and wine event called The Taste of Windermere. The event had some restaurants in the Orlando area come out and showcase a dish to represent their work. We did Tagliatelle pasta, with braised lamb shank, a porcini-natural jus, pecarino cheese and micro basil. Tons of prep, tons of fun, handing out business cards and cooking in a very crowded small area. Overall the night was great; we were able to showcase some great food, tried some delicious wines, and had many people including some of the other chefs there and congratulate us on being the best food out there.

I have added a new hot sauce to my collection which is one of the best I have. Traditional Pique from Puerto Rico.

A restaurant update, Ive ate here a few times but I never even wrote about it so here is the small review for 4Rivers Smokehouse. Located in Winter Park, 4Rivers is a BBQ/Smokehouse that honestly serves the best BBQ in the Central Florida region. They smoke all their meat for at least 10-12 hours, which means YES someone is there at 2am firing up the smoker. Very inexpensive, tons of great sides to go along with your sandwiches if you choose that and some amazing sweet tea. Best BBQ in Orlando, check them out; Get the Messy Pig or the Burnt Ends sandwich....

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  1. Hey "Running Water" I love reading your blog, J! So excited to see all the awesome things you are doing. Good to know that when you end rubbing elbows with Tom Colicchio and the like, I can say I knew you back in the day-when you were teaching me about platanos and cooking hot wings in high school! Keep it up man.

    AKA, Nikki