Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hot Sauce.... The condiment I LOVE!

Hot Sauce in my opinion has to be the most versitile condiment on the planet. It ranges in spice, acidity, sweetness, color, and flavor, where ketchup and mustard in my opinion fall very short. Over the past couple of years I have taken it upon myself to collect as much different hot sauces from places I have visted and also to create some as well. Lets start with the basic American Hot Sauce found in any "chili heads" home: Franks Red Hot, simple light heat and basic chicken wing sauce.

Here is some Traditional Costa Rican Sauce I got from a trip. Chilero: strong acidic bite and good heat, Tabasco: there version of the American one, Salsa Criola: Costa Rica's traditional hot sauce, and Salsa Rica: which is just like A1 sauce.

Here is a Panamanian Hot Sauce: Abrupt spice, then mellow acidity that actually cuts the spice at the end bite.

Sticking with Latin Inspiried Hot Sauces here is a Hot Sauce I bought in Costa Maya, Mexico. Strong Habenero flavor, strong vinegar bite and the heat is alittle much; not really for the faint at heart.

A traditional Belize hot sauce which actually is my "Go-To" hot sauce at home. This goes on everything and I mean EVERYTHING! And then a picture of a traditional Puerto Rican Hot Sauce called Pique, I made at the job a while back.

Crossing the Pacific into Asian Hot Sauces. I have the most widely used Sriracha, Konzu (Korean Chili Hot Sauce/Paste) and then my Carrot Chili Sauce.

I will keep collecting and maybe in a year I will post a PART 2 to this post but until then keep making delicious sauce made from Chilis, vineagar, carrots, oranges; keeping putting these things to ferment in jars, bottles, clay pots, and tubs in and above the ground. After posting this I found a article on Yahoo about the world's new hot pepper, check it out!

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