Friday, February 25, 2011

Ravenous Pig, Part Deux

First off we have been extremely busy at the restaurant the past week and a half. 510on Saturday, 485 Sunday, 450 Monday and then 380 Tuesday. The Executive Chef, myself and the other Sous Chef have to come up with 5 seasonal menus for VIP functions at the restaurant within the next week. In between all of that I still managed to get to the Ravenous Pig for lunch again. We started off with two apps this time which were the House made pretzels with Talaggio Fondue and whole grain mustard.
We also tried the Lobster Tacos, avocado creme, pickled jalapenos. The tempura batter on the lobster was very light and flavorful.
This time I was faced with the same problem that plagued me the first time; The dish I wanted was 86'ed!!!! Instead I tried what I felt would be the next best thing which was the Grilled Steak Torta. Medium Rare steak, a white cheddar omelet, avocado relish, garlic aioli on a toasted baguette and washing it down with a pint of Highland Gaelic Ale from Ashville, NC.

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