Thursday, March 24, 2011


Prior to my vacation we had a VIP function which required us to create a cheese platter, passed apps, and wines to pair with them. We stay traditional with Italian cheeses, which in my opinion isn't a bad choice since I am a huge cheese lover. We started with:
Gorgonzola- A cow's milk cheese, streaked with bluish-green veins, rich and creamy with a pungent flavor.

Biancosardo- A sheep's milk cheese, earthy, sweet and nutty flavor.

Fiore Sardo- A sheep's milk cheese, a firm cheese with a slight similar profile like Parmigiano.

Caciocavallo- A sheep or cow's milk cheese, hard edible rind, tear drop shape, an aged provolone.

Once we received all the cheese, we let them sit out and come up to temperature so that the full flavor could be achieved. We added some dried fruit and candied walnuts that I made the night before, overall the cheese display went great and we got a lot of requests for a cheese platter on the menu.

OF COURSE........... Ask and we will deliver, so chef and I played with the plate up and we added some toasted cibatta bread 2 ways. 1 was with honey and the other was with minced thyme and roasted garlic oil. We also added some Cherve and used it 3 ways, which was with a Chianti gastriqe, herb rolled and regular. Simple,but great flavors.

On a side note I added two more hot sauces to my collection from other countries.
Busha Browne's Pukka Pepper Sauce (Jamaica)- Intense vinegar taste, really spicy and thick.

Walkerswood Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce (Jamaica)- Full of flavor heat, but mellows out.

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