Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers

We received about 7lbs of Thai Bird chili peppers earlier this week and initially my thought was to make hot sauce. Then the dreaded nursery rhyme started playing in my head and i chose to pickle them. I used a pickling recipe that we have used a the job before, white wine vinegar, celery seed, mustard seed, red pepper flake, sugar and salt. I toned down the water and added a little yuzu juice for a Asian flavor since they were Thai chilies.

It will be at least a week until I open them, but in the meantime I also used some of the pickling liquid and did some spicy pickled garlic which will be good to go soon I think. We still have atleast 5lbs more of the peppers, hot sauce and maybe a spicy chutney will be in the works. I have been working on other little side projects that I will try to get to post in the next few weeks.

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